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Paradigm Missions is a lay apostolate that seeks to foster both community and mission in San Diego, California. We believe that the Great Commission is most fully lived out when our mission is inseparable from the building and living out of intentional community life. We seek to be ambassadors of the movement of the Spirit to continually breathe into His Church using the lungs of both community and mission. As Cardinal Cantalamessa said, “we cannot have a new evangelization without a new Pentecost”, and much like that Pentecost 2000 years ago, it must stem from and into a communal way of life.


Paradigm Missions is embarking on an adventure and growing into what the Lord is calling us to do. We do know that we feel a deep call to a “backyard” style of mission to serve within our local community. Much of our efforts are in the areas of high school, young adults, and young families - but we have found that community and mission are fostered best within an intergenerational context. With that in mind, we seek to make sure each pocket of our ministry finds itself within that broader communal context. We also believe that the Lord is calling Paradigm Missions to be a bridge building entity that is collaborative by nature. We desire to work alongside other Catholic apostolates, communities, and ministries inside and outside of San Diego for the sake of the local Church. We also believe we are called to eventually be a missionary apostolate where young people dedicate at least a year to serving within the apostolate of Paradigm Missions. Once the infrastructure of Paradigm Missions is ready, we will be taking on missionaries to help us more fully live out the calling the Lord has laid on our hearts for San Diego.


Fostering Community and Mission


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As Pope Paul VI reminds us, “evangelizing is in fact the grace and vocation proper to the Church, her deepest identity. She exists in order to evangelize”. Thus, we do not pretend that this work is ours, and ours alone. We know that we participate in the work of the Church, and thus participate in this work with you. We ask that you consider supporting the mission the Lord has placed upon the hearts of all of us at Paradigm Missions. We ask that you consider supporting in three main ways.


First, we ask that you consider praying for the work of Paradigm Missions. We ask that you bring these intentions to our Lord and offer them up within your prayers and Sacramental participation daily. We know that everything we do is only possible with grace, and that all of it must overflow from the depths of our interior life with the Lord.


Second, this would not be very fun or fruitful if we did it alone. We hope that you would consider reaching out and finding ways, big or small, to participate within our missional community. We truly desire to share life with you, and to share the beauty that it is to be church to each other. Please consider joining our contact list by reaching out below.


Lastly, we ask that you consider entering the mission field with us even further by supporting Paradigm Missions or our missionaries with your financial support. We are completely supported by the generous donations of our mission partners. We know that not everyone is called to mission in the same manner. As Saint Mother Teresa said, “Some give by going, and others go by giving”. Your consideration of supporting us by giving, so that we can “go” really means a lot and we look forward to entering into this mission with you. If you desire to become a mission partner and donate to our cause, please follow the “Donate” link below this or at the top of the page.

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